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Whether it's a weekend open show or a full scale year end championship or aged event, our exhibitor-oriented staff provides exceptional customer care and behind-the-scenes expertise to ensure your show comes off without a hitch.

Our goal is to provide clients an enjoyable, worry-free experience that will impress your exhibitors and encourage return business.  We invite you to contact us for references and to chat about your upcoming event.  We look forward to working with you.

What we can provide exhibitors:
  • friendly show office 
  • sensible class schedules
  • easy on-line entries
  • on-line stall reservations
  • timely class draws
  • daily show results
What we can provide clients:
  • timely show reports and filings
  • adherence to rules and guidelines
  • judge selection and management
  • event promotion
  • live webcast management
  • exhibitor communication
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